Politics & Public Service

IDR explores issues and concerns related to effective public service and government perception, including promoting effective leadership and more effective governance through deliberative democracy, and looking at how we communicate in a changing media landscape.
The following areas will be highlighted in 2016:

  • Public service delivery
  • Integrity
  • NGOs and Civil society
  • Public perception

The Role of Tok Penghulu

Tok Penghulu and community leaders play major roles in determining the success of the delivery system to the general public. Currently, information of Tok Penghulu and community leaders in the state of Perak are scattered and inconsistent. This poses questions...

Awareness on Ethics and Intergrity at the Perak Tengah District Office a Discourse Study

The public sector, operated through local/state governments is the most important instrument in management and administration of a nation. Apart from delivering services and sustaining national development, it is also the social institution entrusted to restore law and order of...