Supports the state in policy recommendations through identification of strategies to tackle social issues as well as create quality living, quality income and quality opportunities (3Qs) for the people.
Key focal areas are:

  • Poverty and inequality
  • Health
  • Employment
  • Safety and security

Sustainable Urban Regeneration Policies

The most important interventions in the recent decades, targeting urban areas, are considering the urban regeneration and sustainable development. Urban regeneration is defined as the ‘comprehensive and integrated vision and action which leads to the resolution of urban problems and...

Housing study in Perak

Housing is one of the most basic necessities of a community among other things, providing shelter, privacy and a foundation for a family. It serves the most basic needs of people and good quality housing will inevitably improve the quality...

Faktor-faktor Ketidakcemerlangan Prestasi Akademik

Pendidikan di Malaysia adalah suatu usaha berterusan ke arah memperkembangkan lagi potensi individu secara menyeluruh dan bersepadu untuk mewujudkan insan yang seimbang dan harmonis dari segi intelek, rohani, emosi dan jasmani berdasarkan kepercayaan dan kepatuhan kepada Tuhan. Usaha ini adalah...