Analyzing The Need For Public Transport – A Case Study of Kerian

Good cities need effective public transport. It plays a vital role in creating competitive economies, and liveable, inclusive communities. Public transport enables people to access families and friends, jobs, recreation, education, health care and the many activities that contribute to individual and community wellbeing. It provides independence for people who cannot or do not drive.

This report compiled the data and findings of public transport study at Kerian District Perak. The report was compiled in 2012 and presents a summary of key policy, planning, and operational data and issues relevant to understanding the current status, potential issues, and future directions public transport in Kerian District.The chapters information contained in the body of this report contributes to a cohesive vision for a future transportation system.

The generalisation findings from this study is subjected to the data collected according to the specific time. Survey was conducted during the offpeak of public transport services. Findings can be different if longer survey period is conducted, survey is conducted during peak hours, more allocation on funding to do on-board survey in multiple times and equip with more numbers of enumerators