Awareness on Ethics and Intergrity at the Perak Tengah District Office a Discourse Study

The public sector, operated through local/state governments is the most important instrument in management and administration of a nation. Apart from delivering services and sustaining national development, it is also the social institution entrusted to restore law and order of a nation; largely linked with ethics, referring to morality and social justice. As any social institution, the public sector is constantly evolving through new leadership, environmental influences and socio-political environment. The Malaysian government has been rigorously campaigning on ethics and its importance as part of nation building. Globalization, a concept introduced within a capitalistic economic system and facilitated by information and communication technology has contributed to changing human values and societal norms in the last three decades. Corruption, ethics and integrity have become important contemporary issues in the practice and theory of politics, public administration, law, economics and society in the global era. In view of the significance of public service and the pertinent role of the local/state government to imbue ethics and integrity within the civil service employees themselves, an exploratory research has been initiated to investigate the initiatives and awareness strategies developed at the District Office, Perak Tengah, Perak D. R., Malaysia from 1980 onwards to draw some insights and conclusions on the consciousness of ethics and integrity among public service employees. This report will share findings and conclusions of the full study conducted.