Strategies To Attract Professional Workforce Into Perak Darul Ridzuan

In realizing the significance of having sufficient professional workforce in a state to improve the state's economy and also to produce high quality of work, efforts and initiatives are currently take place to attract these skilled and dedicated workers to deliver and perform their generic skills and services to the state respectively. The shortage of skilled workers is not only just occurred at the state and developing countries but also developed countries like the U.S. are also facing the problems in retaining and attracting skilled workers to work there. (, 2012).
Therefore, it is imperative to investigate the key factor of recruitment the skilled and professional workers so as to further address the reason of employment of high performers for an organisation. Besides that, factors namely communicating on growth, opportunity for impact, training and career development, personal and sick leave, insurance benefits, and flexible work schedule will also efficiently result in eminence hiring. Hence, as the land of grace and developing state, Perak Darul Ridzuan is currently gearing towards on achieving a developed state status by 2015. In achieving this status, the three main objectives have been explicitly conceptualised by Perak Amanjaya namely Quality Opportunities, Quality Income, and Quality Living. However, this will involve looking for people with necessary skills whenever a job opportunity presents itself, improving the salary levels in the state similar to Kuala Lumpur and Penang and the creation of a peaceful, crime free as well as a pollution free environment (Aminuddin Hashim, 2011).
The access to a qualified and professional workforce in Perak is the biggest challenge to help the state to improve on outcome and attract large investments, based on the values, principles and approaches practiced by the state. Currently, there is a lack of specific operational solutions and recommendations that Perak may adapt to its specific context to respond to this challenge. This is particularly important, as these factors are relevant towards the goal of Perak in achieving the status of a developed state status by 2015.