The Role of Tok Penghulu

Tok Penghulu and community leaders play major roles in determining the success of the delivery system to the general public. Currently, information of Tok Penghulu and community leaders in the state of Perak are scattered and inconsistent. This poses questions about the competency of these leaders and sufficiency of community leaders across mukim in Perak. An intensive survey was conducted among Tok Penghulu and community leaders from all mukims in Perak to determine the distribution, workloads, education and socio-economic backgrounds. The survey also involved investigating these leaders’ efficiency in handling various communication devices to disseminate information. The study discovers that Tok Penghulu and community leaders are distributed accordingly based on areas and population, even though specific guidelines on this matter was not in place. Tok Penghulu and community leaders are generally well experienced, highly mobile and capable of using various communication devices. To better improve the delivery system at mukim levels, workloads gaps between community leaders need to be minimised and a succession plan for community leaders exceeding their productive age is highly recommended to be introduced.